Rapid changes have placed hospitals under constant pressure to reduce costs while improving quality and patient satisfaction. Hospital leadership must negotiate episodic and population health risk while integrating physicians into the system at the same time. Partnering with physicians in redesigning care and controlling clinical variation is a broad area of opportunity.

hMetrix’ SAVE is a unique solution designed to identify clinical practice variation during inpatient admissions and prioritize initiatives to address this variation. SAVE is designed to assess internal hospital cost centers for multiple cost drivers ranging from room & board to drugs, supplies, and implants. With the hospital’s mission and finances at risk, SAVE can help eliminate risk while improving the quality-of-care, improving outcomes, and reducing avoidable variation.

Finally, information that can help you control costs and improve quality, in 30 days!



SAVE is a powerful but transparent algorithm from hMetrix, packaged behind an intuitive interface. Feed it your data, and it automatically identifies opportunities based on your hospital’s practice patterns. SAVE allows you to identify the total savings opportunity at the hospital level, or see the APR DRGs, revenue centers, and physicians with the highest opportunities.


Using the SAVE Adhoc Explorer, you can quickly see what is driving opportunities based on service item, revenue center, APR DRG, service line, and responsible physician. You see clear, hospital-specific opportunities that you can act upon immediately. SAVE quantifies the benefit of each opportunity, making prioritization easy. System and service line leaders from business, clinical, and IT domains can collaborate to develop innovative data-driven care redesign.


APR DRG analytics allow you to drill down to individual APR DRGs and quickly discover the root causes of resource utilization leading to increased costs. SAVE helps hospitals to understand, implement and monitor care redesign initiatives around their variation within each APR DRG.


Physician-centric reporting allows you to get details about individual physicians and identify opportunities at the physician and patient level. SAVE connects physicians and operations with the data and knowledge to implement a financially informed pathway with prescriptive targets –which pinpoints areas with high savings opportunity in clinical, operational and financial areas.