As hospital payments shift toward value-based and shared financial risk reimbursement - particularly bundled payments - they face numerous challenges including internal cost reduction, readmission management and post-acute care management. They require solutions that lead to greater cooperation between hospital administrators and physicians. Up-to-date, actionable information and tools are necessary for patient management before admission, during the inpatient stay, during care transitions and for post-acute management throughout the entire episode of care. hMetrix offers an array of solutions for all of these needs.


Bundled (or episodic) payments are designed to improve care and reduce cost by aligning the incentives of hospitals, physicians, and post-acute care providers for a particular episode. hMetrix' episode analytics toolkit helps providers monitor and track episodes, identify variance and target opportunities for improvement.


  • hMetrix has extensive experience acquiring, cleaning, validating, and preparing the datasets used to establish BPCI, CJR and BPCI Advanced payments with its Episode Analytics tool. This information is used to validate and audit CMS' processes and ensure only the most accurate information is given to end users.
  • Incorporating additional hospital -specific data into this tool allows hospitals to understand how they currently stack up and identifies opportunities for improvements in managing the episode.
  • The episode suite can also be used audit costs to determine the effectiveness of the hospital's episode management process through data updates that are meaningful to all the different disciplines on the management team.


hMetrix provides a comprehensive gainsharing solution to engage physicians during the episode of care - DAVE, the Data Accuracy Verification Engine. DAVE offers integrated analytics and automated gainsharing management to engage your physician community with the transparency and trust necessary to achieve unparalleled alignment in patient care.


  • Enable streamlined gainsharing at your facility, sharing the internal cost savings from care redesign efforts between hospitals and physicians.
  • DAVE effortlessly calculates the savings pools available to be shared among the physicians who meet defined targets.
  • DAVE helps hospitals devise an actionable strategy not only to help identify opportunities for improvement but also a roadmap to get physicians on board with the help of a targeted action plan.


As hospitals identify variances and opportunities in post-acute care costs, an important strategy is a move toward managing patients during the entire length of an episode. An increased emphasis on cost-effective and outcomes driven post-acute care home care is necessary.


  • hMetrix has a care coordination and management platform that is driven by a unique set of patient assessments, pre-admission and prior to discharge.
  • hMetrix' unique assessment information along with other hospital data integrated into the platform drives an automated episode-centric care plan designed to meet each patient’s needs in their home and prevent readmissions during the 90 days post discharge.
  • The platform supports provider, care giver, patient and family engagement tools that include tablets for monitoring and 24/7 coverage with a nurse call button, video education, and supporting virtual video visits for clinical pharmacy management, behavioral health interventions and biometric monitoring.