HIE Solutions


The mission of modern health information exchanges (HIEs) to bring together data from across the vast healthcare ecosystem is critical to improving the state of the US healthcare system, but fraught with challenges. hMetrix is here to help overcome those challenges. hMetrix excels at the foundational tasks of data cleaning, validation, and integration, allowing HIE’s to focus on providing high-level value to their provider participants. As a strategic partner, our diverse experience with healthcare stakeholders gives us the ability to identify and implement much-needed reporting, analysis, and monitoring capabilities with confidence.

Diverse Participants & Needs

hMetrix' extensive work with payers and providers translates into a real understanding of how they think, approach problems, and the challenges that they face. hMetrix leverages this knowledge to help smooth the road to adoption and implementation of HIE-led initiatives and help you foster buy-in and participation. Most importantly, hMetrix treats HIE’s participants like clients of our own - and give them the same dedicated level of attention and support.


  • Partnership model that recognizes and works with all your users to build solutions that meet each of their needs
  • 20 years' industry experience working with payers, providers, and policymakers in the US healthcare arena
  • Ongoing, responsive support and training for you and your clients as needed

Infrastructure Evaluation & Implementation

As experts in the underlying technologies fueling data exchange, hMetrix can help you evaluate, select, and cost-effectively implement solutions that meet your current infrastructure needs. Whenever possible, hMetrix actively works to help consolidate, integrate and improve the tools and standards HIE clients are already using, rather than piling yet more new technology onto overloaded providers.


  • Secure, robust, and professionally managed infrastructure with guaranteed uptime supporting data processing & back-end analysis
  • Extensive experience with database, analysis, and visualization software and a keen understanding of the strengths and benefits of different approaches
  • Expert, interdisciplinary software development, analytics, and devops teams work together to create well-rounded solutions and strategies

Data Integration

We help HIE’s to understand and implement existing standards to facilitate seamless transfer of information, rather than imposing additional standards of our own. As a platform-agnostic vendor, hMetrix has experience working with most major healthcare data solutions, including EMR’s like Epic and Cerner, billing systems, CMS and commercial payer data, and more.


  • Vast in-house library of supplemental datasets, data processing routines, code crosswalks, and policy implementation code to support a wide range of use cases with minimal custom development
  • Software- and hardware-agnostic engagement support
  • Experience working with and accepting data from most major EMR and provider data systems
  • Familiarity with regulations, industry standards, coding system, payment policies, and a wide range of clinical and financial interchange formats

Cutting-Edge Analytics & Reporting

Information is useless if users can’t easily access, interpret, and act on it. hMetrix leverages its extensive library of advanced algorithms, data visualization methods, and best-practice based report to ensure HIEs and their participants have all the tools they need to improve the health of their populations and efficiency of their organization, with minimal effort.


  • Advanced, proprietary algorithms for patient identification, risk stratification, patient attribution, predictive analytics, automated data quality checks, and more
  • Wide range of customizable existing reports leveraging the popular Tableau visualization platform
  • Fast data turnaround, supporting updates as frequently as clients can provide the underlying feed